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Yes you read that correct!!! We have brought our crates back! We have 4 of them.
The crates them selves are located in this cute little building just south of spawn. cratebuilding.png

commonkey.png works with the commoncrate.png
uncommonkey.pngworks with the uncommoncrate.png
rarekey.png works with the rarecrate.png
epickey.pngworks with the epiccrate.png

The next thing that everyone asks is "well how do we obtain these keys?"
Common and Uncommon will just drop from any random mobs with a certain percent chance that I set. But rare will only drop from "Boss" type mobs. In addition to it being the reboot key. Finally, epic key... the only true way to get an epic key is to trade 10 rare keys up for one. Meaning it will NEVER drop from any boss or any other mob in the game.

You can however trade up any of these keys. 10 common gets you 1 uncommon, 10 uncommon gets you 1 rare, and 10 rare gets you 1 epic.

In the future we will make it so that you will get keys from voting and whatever vote listings we put up.
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