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2 months ago
Forced Resource Pack - Negative.

Hey just wanted to say Ive been playing on and off on your server for about a 2 months I think its been. Its been a great server, good people. Nice staff.  All in all.. just a good server.  ... of course now comes the butt... there is always a butt isnt there.

The forced resourcepack download.  

I am not a fan of forced resourcepacks at all. I use one Ive built other the years that I find very pleasing to my eyes.  Because of this, I will no longer be playing on the server as long as this is forced.  When my graphic view is determined by someone else instead of what I find fun to play with... I just leave. Sadly, because this is a forced download resourcepack, many others who might enjoy playing on it, most likely will not even bother.  Its a shame really, it is one of the better fun servers.

Just thought Ild say something in hopes you resind this force pack.

Have a good day


4 months ago
PvP? Yes or No?

little late but here goes...


I do not pvp but many do enjoy it and friends sometimes like to kill each other for fun or because they are being annoying. Either way its all good. 

I do like the toggle ability though mentioned earlier. That sounds like a very good idea to keep the peace and prevent pvp griefing.  Note however.. there should be a timer if someone attacks another so they can not pvp on and off to avoid getting killed themselves.

Thats my thoughts.