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Enderchest Change

Thank you for the heads up Chrysti! 🤪

4 months ago
PvP? Yes or No?


On the note of community (and this may seem tangential, but it's important to this question) I think it should also be important to advertise the forums a lot more on the server and potentially to add more topic categories, because - in my humble experience - the former has a higher chance to facilitate more conversation and communication among players (and potentially advertising in-game business) while the latter gives those who have things to talk about more prompting, since it might be harder to think of things to write about if all you're faced with is "general" and "ban appeals" (E.G., where am I going to put my cool drawing of M3talHawk's martyred llama?). Facillitating that communication amongst players helps build trust, or at the very least helps reveals intent, which is an important element when one raises the question of "should we let these goofballs use their weapons of mass destruction upon one another."

Those are my thoughts, forgive me if I seem to ramble on. I do not expect any penny for them.

We plan on adding a new forum software with more features and functionality. We started to add forum nodes/categories however, since there will be a new software being added and most likely will need to be redone, we are putting a hold until then. I agree with what you are saying 100%. From my experience, having a website in general brings the community closer and allows other interactions and not just in-game. Everyone has been patient with us so far, we just ask to keep doing so until we get things going. Everything is a work in progress and we are taking it at a steady pace to make sure it's done correctly.

5 months ago
Create A Custom Recipe

What is custom recipes?
Everyone wishes they could craft certain items in game that is either hard to obtain or nearly impossible to obtain. I know for myself I wish I could craft a pieces of leather instead of obtaining it the nature way. well with our custom recipe setup we actually can craft leather:

We would like to offer the option to all of our players the ability to have their custom craftable recipe a reality

How to submit a custom recipe?
You can submit your custom recipe idea using our form here. Fill in each box where you would like an item to be inside the 'Crafting Table'. We are limited to what type of recipe we can have. We can not have stackable items so each box (slot) can only have one item inside of it. Then for the ite myou want to be created, please add that inside 'Box 10' which is required to have something inputted. Once you are finished hit submit and we will review your 'Custom Recipe Idea' as soon as possible.

Please use this 'Crafting Table' as a guide to where each box is located:

Create custom recipe here:

6 months ago
Pl3x Gaming MC 1.14.4

Welcome to Minecraft 1.14.4!

Our server is now updated to 1.14.4. Feel free to join us and connect at

We also have new features added to our customized Paper Fork (Purpur):

  • Stoner96's Anti X-Ray
  • Kickash's per-player mob cam limit
  • More additions to Billy's ridable mobs

6 months ago
Download UrExtras

Download UrExtras
UrExtras Jenkins:

Source Code

Custom inventories
Custom Tools
Custom Particle Effects