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guy that banned me


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4 days ago
[CANCELLED] Crate Build Contest!!

This event has been cancelled due to lack of interest.


The next 3 build contests we had scheduled are also cancelled (halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas).


Seems this isn't a thing people like or want anymore.

about 1 month ago
PvP? Yes or No?

Voting is over.

PvP is enabled.

Claims have a pvp flag.

Personal pvp toggle coming soon.

about 1 month ago
Elytra Nerf Info

I've nerfed elytras quite a bit, but believe I have found a happy balance between server lag and your flying enjoyment.

Here are the current elytra changes:

  • Elytras now take 2 damage per second when used
  • Elytra damage now ignores the unbreaking enchantment
  • Boosting your speed with a firework deals 10 damage to your elytra
  • Boosting your speed with a trident with riptide enchantment deals 150 damage to your elytra
  • Flying in excess of 5.0 speed (your velocity) multiplies your elytra damage per second by your speed

Why are these changes in place? Flying too quickly causes massive chunk load/saves on the server, which we all know is a shit show in 1.14.X as-is. The faster you fly, the laggier you make the server. We actually had 1 player bring the server down to 2 tps using an elytra a few days ago. Not good :S

Once the chunk load/save lag has been fixed we will look at removing some of these nerfs.

The riptide nerf will remain in place until Mojang fixes them (500 blocks per second flight is not okay to me).

Comment and questions can be posted to this thread and I'll be happy to discuss ^_^

Edit: Elytras are now disabled until Mojang fixes chunk loading lag. It's better to have a few angry players because their elytras dont work, rather than the entire server be angry because we're constantly lagging from players flying around loading chunks too quickly.

2 months ago
Pl3xCraft Rules

Here at Pl3x, we really don't like to set any rules or laws down. We feel this type of thing is pretty much common sense and that most people know the difference between right and wrong. Buuut, we do understand this seems to be an impossible thing to comprehend for some people. It is because of these few that we must lay down some ground rules. So here it goes.


Rule #1) Don't do anything that would get you banned.


That's it. Just one rule. Pretty simple one, in my honest opinion.


"But that’s too vague!", yes yes. I hear you, and we agree. It’s vague for a reason. We are not your babysitter. We are not your parents. This is a privately owned server which we openly give public access to. We have every right to refuse our service(s) to anyone for literally any reason we want.

Being here is a privilege. If you are enjoyable to be around, then you will be fine here. ^_^

2 months ago
Purpur is now on bStats! \o/

The following graph shows the number of servers using the Purpur software ^_^

Click on the graph to see more details about various anonymous statistics collected by bStats.

(If you can't see the graph, disable your ad blocker for this site).