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Pl3xForge now has an Enchantment Splitter!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Billy, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Billy

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    Apr 22, 2017
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    The long awaited enchantment splitter is finally here! And its better than ever!

    We had many issues trying to make it work natively on the Anvil, so this new splitter comes with its very own new block and GUI. We modeled it to look similar to the enchanting table, but with noticeable differences


    The crafting recipe for the splitter is also very similar to the enchantment table, except built with rubies.


    When opening the table you are presented with a new GUI


    The left hand side is the inputs, and the right hand side is the outputs (results). Simply put something that's enchanted in the top left slot, and then regular books in the bottom left slot. If the enchanted item has multiple enchants on it then the right slots will populate with the results. If you do not like the results then pull out one of the inputs and replace them to roll the RNG again. When ready pull off one of the results to receive both.

    If you have extra books in the GUI they will remain there. If you pull off the result book then the result enchanted item will be placed over into the input slot (so you can perform more splits if you want). If you pull off the result enchanted item then the result enchanted book will be placed into your inventory automatically.

    Each split costs 3 experience levels to perform. If you do not have enough levels you will be notified with a red cost. If you have enough the cost will be green (exactly like an anvil works). If you place an item in the GUI that does not contain multiple enchantments then the arrow in the center will show a big red X over it (just like on an anvil).

    This enchantment splitter DOES NOT take damage. You can split as many things as you want and it will never get damaged and break the way anvils do. But, since it is built using obsidian and rubies will will need a string enough tool to break it after you've placed it. If you try to use your hand it will pop and disappear (after a very long time of holding down right click).

    Just like enchantment tables, you CAN rename this splitter on an anvil and it's name will show in the GUI. The name is persistent across place/breaks and server restarts.

    Happy Splitting! \o/


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