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How To Join Pl3xForge

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Billy, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Billy

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    Apr 22, 2017
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    Please use the new Pl3xForge Launcher to join. It keeps your client in sync with the server mods automatically.

    Pl3xForge Launcher

    In order to join Pl3xForge server you need a few mods installed. Be sure you use the exact versions specified here or you may not be able to join.

    First, get the Forge client installed:
    Required mods (cannot join server without these):
    If the server disconnects you when you join with a reject screen, check to make sure you have ALL the required mods and their EXACT version specified in this thread. Make sure when you download them you use the GREY download button. Not the big green one.

    NOTE: Pl3xForge is currently in alpha testing. Expect the mods to change/update at any time. World may be reset at any time. Inventory items may be reset at any time. We are opening to the public for testing purposes, and will do a full reset once we are satisfied with a stable base.

    Pl3xForge address: forge.pl3x.net (backup address is forge.pl3x.net:25566)

    • Run the forge installer and select "install client"
    • Place the other downloaded mods into your mods folder in %appdata%/.minecraft/
    • Run Minecraft using the Forge profile created in first step
    Optional mods (Billy uses these):
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