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Bungie Gauntlet: exclusive emblem for donors

Discussion in 'Destiny Discussion' started by illuminerdy, May 19, 2017.

  1. illuminerdy

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    Apr 28, 2017
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    Bungie is currently helping raise money for Treehouse to provide academic support to foster youth.

    In addition to the donor rewards mentioned in last week's TWAB, Bungie are also offering a particularly special in-game reward:

    "If we collectively reach a fundraising goal of $30k, all donors will receive the Tip of the Spear Destiny 1 emblem, which has never been distributed to the public"

    The fundraising goal deadline is May 21, 2017. See Bungie's Gauntlet 2017 Team Fundraising Page for more info. They are already over the $30k goal for the emblem, and their $50k goal, but it's still nice to support a good cause, and see out the remainder of our time in D1 with a cool emblem.

    Note that it isn't necessary to donate the default choice ($35) or the $50 for the "Eye of Eternity" emblem. When you click the Donate button you can scroll to the bottom and enter any amount you like. Any donation will make you eligible for the Tip of the Spear emblem.
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