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IGN: BillyGalbreath
By BillyGalbreath » about 1 month ago
This server is built for the community, by the community. Yes, I may be the owner and administrator, but I let the community make all the decisions on how to operate the server, what features to enable/disable, what plugins to use, etc.

If you want a certain feature for this server, you have to get things started by expressing that want. If you can get the majority to back you, I will implement said feature.

This does come with some stipulations and exceptions. I cannot add any features to the server that require a specific level of involvement that we do not have, etc. There are also a few things I will overrule, such as never adding minigames or lobby games to the server.

A good place to get your ideas out to the public is this very forum. Do not reply here, as your post can and will get buried. Simply make a new thread here in the Suggestions section, and feel free to promote the thread to others on Discord or in game (as long as you're not spamming). ^_^

I'm a godless heathen and I approved this message.



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IGN: Chrysti
By Chrysti » about 1 month ago
More homes


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By REMMAH » 19 days ago
Plot Flags (Like no mob spawns ^_^ (for spawn its supposed to be dark :/)