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IGN: BillyGalbreath
By BillyGalbreath » about 1 month ago
We have a couple special commands dealing with containers (chests) that we feel will help your gameplay experience.

Firstly, and most commonly used, is the ability to open your enderchest from anywhere. That's right, you can use your enderchest as a backpack. Simply type the command /ec to open it, even if you've never crafted/placed one.

Another nice feature we have that not many know about is the ability to open blocked containers. A blocked container is simply a chest that will not open because it has a full block above it. This makes creating storage systems rather difficult in some situations. This feature has can be toggled on/off (default is off) by using the command /anycontainer to your liking. Once enabled you will be able to open a chest that is blocked. o/

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