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IGN: BillyGalbreath
By BillyGalbreath » 14 days ago
Our game has a few base ranks (groups) with each having special abilities and access to commands, etc. Here is a quick breakdown of whats available to each rank.
Guest is the default rank that all players are a part of as soon as they join the server for the first time.
  • Basic commands: back, home, mail, list ping, seen, spawn, tpa, tpahere, tptoggle, warp, workbench, list, help, enderchest, suicide, flip, fliptext, unflip, tell, reply, shrug, icon, rtp, signappend, signedit, signcopy, signpaste, signundo, vote, helpop
  • Discord abilities (can link up accounts, chat with discord users, etc)
  • Receive notifications of punishments (bans, kicks, mutes, etc)
  • Can see GP Claim data (but not create claims)
  • Can see McMMO Stats (but not earn their own stats)
  • Can random teleport anywhere in the world with /rtp
  • Can use icons in chat, signs, anvils, books
  • Can use the key crates at spawn
  • Can use any player shops
  • Can edit signs with a right click
  • Can use color codes on signs
  • Can open chests that are normally blocked
  • Can pick up spawner cages using a silk touch diamond pick

Members are people who have registered on this website and have their accounts linked properly
  • Premium commands: listbiomes, listfoods, listmobs, me, ptime (in the creative world)
  • Can create GP Claims
  • Can earn McMMO stats and use abilities
  • Can use CraftBook mechanics (pipes, integrated circuits, etc)
  • Can change spawner cage types using a spawner egg (only works for natural spawner cage types)
  • Can create buy and sell shops
  • Get in-game notifications from the website
  • Can set more than one /home

Moderators are hand picked by admins to help moderate the server and it's playerbase.
  • Can punish players (ban, mute, warn, kick)
  • Can see logged activity¬†(CoreProtect)
  • Moderator commands: fly, whois, socialspy, jail, jump, top, tp, tpo, tppos
  • Can join the server even when it's full
  • Can open and modify anyone's inventory (player inventory, and enderchest inventory)
  • Access to staff only chat
Admin is specifically reserved for Billy and Chrysti (the owners) only.
  • Can do whatever they want (full and complete access to everything in-game, and in-console)

For a full and complete list of detailed permission nodes set per-group check out this spreadsheet.

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