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We are putting a bounty out for anyone that finds bugs or exploits and can reproduce them and can explain in great detail how to do said bug or exploit..

The reward you ask?? I'm glad that question came up... For each reproducible big or exploit that is explained in detail will be 1 epic key per report..
Ok so we need a better jail that people cant get out of and it doesnt have to be anything too extravagant.. I do enjoy large builds.. I am giving this contest a 2 week run..

Must have:
  • 1 or multiple cells
  • no slabs as a floor
  • no bigger than 20*20 (preferably to fit in the current location)

The prize:
3- epic crate keys
6- rare crate keys
9- uncommon crate keys
12- common crate keys
Special Armor prize
$10- Steam gift card *

Contest will end Saturday August 12, 2017 at 11:00 pm CST (Server reboot).

Any questions speak with Chrysti. Thank you for your participation..

Comment the coords of your build please..

* Disclaimer: If there is not more than 10 submissions the monetary(steam gift card) prize will not be given.

Current Entries (7):
  • Meep_Hammer 678, 8661
  • Smeggmashart 811, 8623
  • Grapewater 3050, 16100
  • Doctor_John -522, 287
  • JBollsch -12138, 97
  • atombuster10 3718, -2681
  • DeathNote1 -471 390