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Pl3xForge now has Lava Walker enchantment for your boots! This version has a very special enhancement that is impossible to do on a vanilla server! Just watch this video to see what it is.

Happy Lava Walking! \o/

The long awaited enchantment splitter is finally here! And its better than ever!

We had many issues trying to make it work natively on the Anvil, so this new splitter comes with its very own new block and GUI. We modeled it to look similar to the enchanting table, but with noticeable differences


The crafting recipe for the splitter is also very similar to the enchantment table, except built with rubies.


When opening the table you are presented with a new GUI


The left hand side is the inputs, and the right hand side is the outputs (results). Simply put something that's enchanted in the top left slot, and then regular books in the bottom left slot. If the enchanted item has multiple enchants on it then the right slots will populate with the results. If you do not like the results then pull out one of the inputs and replace them to roll the RNG again. When ready pull off one of the results to receive both.

If you have extra books in the GUI they will remain there. If you pull off the result book then the result enchanted item will be placed over into the input slot (so you can perform more splits if you want). If you pull off the result enchanted item then the result enchanted book will be placed into your inventory automatically.

Each split costs 3 experience levels to perform. If you do not have enough levels you will be notified with a red cost. If you have enough the cost will be green (exactly like an anvil works). If you place an item in the GUI that does not contain multiple enchantments then the arrow in the center will show a big red X over it (just like on an anvil).

This enchantment splitter DOES NOT take damage. You can split as many things as you want and it will never get damaged and break the way anvils do. But, since it is built using...
We now have a custom launcher to help keep you automagically updated with all the mods Pl3xForge uses!

Thats right! No more manually checking the forums, downloading and installing updates. The launcher will take care of all that for you! ^_^


Download: http://pl3x.net/Pl3xForge.jar

  • Make sure you have Java 8 installed from java.com
  • Download Pl3xForge.jar from the link above
  • Copy or move it to your desktop
  • Double click it!
It's that easy!

The launcher will download all the required client mods needed to connect to Pl3xForge. It will also give you a list of the optional mods we recommend having.

Happy gaming! \o/
We finally opened up a donation store after so many requests for one (who knew so many people want to spend money lol)

Click the link to visit: Pl3xCraft | Home - MinecraftMarket Or click on the Donate link at the top of our website.

We are still working on getting cosmetics setup. If you'd like to be part of the discussions visit the following thread:

Ideas for Donation Shop (cosmetics and server boosts)
Nightly reboot will be extended this Friday for scheduled maintenance.

Maintenance performed will be OS software updates and a full OS reboot.

Expected downtime is up to 30 minutes, but shouldn't take nearly that long.

Minecraft, Forums, Stats, and Jenkins will be unavailable during this time.

Discord will remain available during this time.
Pl3xCraft now has new sets of armor.


Emerald and ruby armors can be crafted using either emeralds or rubies. The recipes are the same as all other armors.

Enjoy! \o/
We have 3 new swords added to the game.

  • Emerald sword (crafted from emeralds) with base damage 10
  • Ruby sword (crafted from rubies) with base damage 15
  • Fire sword (uncraftable) with base damage 20

Each sword has better base damage than diamond sword (base damage 7).

Rubies have also been added to the game, and those will rarely from (1% chance) from mining redstone and are in the Epic Crate with a 10% chance.

The fire sword is only obtainable by winning it from the Epic Crate at spawn with a 1% chance.


Some enchantments currently do not work on these weapons. Anything that modifies the durability or damage rate WILL NOT WORK and would be a waste of an enchantment. Also, there is a slight visual glitch when using an anvil to enchant (F color code becomes part of the name and it loses it's color). I am slowly working on fixing these bugs.
I've added a new enchantment to the game, Lava Walker.


This enchantment goes on any boots, and it works similarly to Frost Walker except on lava instead of water. Lava will temporarily turn to Obsidian when you walk near or on it.

Lava Walker conflicts with Frost Walker, so they both can't be on the same pair of boots.

Both levels 1 and 2 have been added to the Epic crate at spawn.


There are some limitations in the client itself which makes the enchantment lore not show up (the client has no idea what enchantment this is). Another major side effect of the client not knowing what the enchantment is is a crash if you try to apply any vanilla enchantment on top of Lava Walker.

To be able to see the enchantment lore and to stop the client from crashing when using an anvil, I have made a small LiteLoader mod, which can be downloaded here http://pl3x.net/mod-lavawalker-0.3-mc1.12.1.litemod

This mod is NOT REQUIRED for the enchantment to work. If you chose not to use the mod you simply wont see the enchantment lore, and your client will crash if you use this enchant on an anvil.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask. ^_^

Campfires are our first real custom item added to the game. With that being said, it is still highly experimental, and I do expect to hear about some bugs with it. Dont forget to use our bug tracker to report any issues you find.

Campfires are a new lightsource block. They emit a level 15 light to their surrounding area. If you stand near one you get a temporary health regeneration buff. But don't stand too close or you will get burned.

To craft these magnificent beauties you simply need four (4) Oak Logs (oak logs are the only types that currently work with the recipe). Just place them in the top, bottom, left and right boxes in a diamond shape.


  • No, these will not hurt anything other than players (for now)
  • No, you can't throw your items in it as a trash can (yet)
Enjoy! ^_^
For our very first build contest we're going to keep things simple because we understand everyone is just starting out and resources are still pretty scarce. With that said, let's jump right into the details:

This contest is to build us a spawn platform (not a building/room). This platform should be an open area and only host a proper area for players to teleport to or join the server at.

Size requirements: Since we are putting spawn in the vanilla village there is a space requirement. 20x20 is the maximum size your build can take up. Anything bigger will not fit and will disqualify your entry from the contest. As for depth and height limit, keep it sane. This is a vanilla village that is being taken over for player shops, so we don't want players spawning in at Y 0 or 255, etc. You depth and height should match that of the vanilla village and any player shops that pop up around it.

The platform MUST be able to be left at any angle (360 degrees of freedom). No forced one way exits or guided paths, etc.

If you want to include the crates and key upgrade shops in your build, you may do so if you want (it is not required). If you do chose to, just place chests and signs with text of what they are and I will set them up if you win the contest.

Overall theme is open, but keep in mind this is a vanilla village we are in. The best looking build and fits in the best is going to be our winner. We may have more contests in the future for rebuilds of spawn as the city changes over time (TBD).

How to enter the contest: Make sure you claim your build (all of it) so it doesn't get griefed. Then reply to this thread with the coordinates to your build. Other player can help you with the build, or you may do it alone. Only the claim owner of the build will receive the contest prizes. It will be up to them to spread the reward to any helpers as they see fit.

Winner will be picked on Saturday, June 24th by BillyGalbreath. Judging will start on Saturday, June 24 and...