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Pl3xCraft is designed to bring back the true spirit of Minecraft, with a few added bonuses. No more lobby/mini-games to get in the way of community spirit and real fun. 

  • 100% survival mode. Everything is player made 
  • Land claims to protect your builds and valuables 
  • Player driven economy and player shops 
  • Crates/Keys dropped from killing mobs filled with various prizes 
  • Gameplay mechanic enchancements to make your experience more interesting 
  • Public forums filled with tutorials and information to help you 
  • Dynmap with huge 50,000 x 50,000 world generated with 1.12.2 seed 
  • Friendly staff to help answer questions and keep the peace 
  • Both survival and creative mode worlds available 
Plus much much more! We are constantly evolving and adding new features based on user feedback and suggestions. 

Public Discord for voice and additional text chat: 

Our server rules are very laid back and relaxed. It's relatively difficult to earn yourself a ban. Our only rules are common sense things: 
  • No negative or hateful attitudes/speech (aka, toxic/cancerous/rude people). 
  • No hacking mods/clients. If unsure about a specific mod please ask staff before using. 
  • No lag machines or laggy farms. Anything that causes lag will be deleted by staff. 

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