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Campfires are our first real custom item added to the game. With that being said, it is still highly experimental, and I do expect to hear about some bugs with it. Dont forget to use our bug tracker to report any issues you find.

Campfires are a new lightsource block. They emit a level 15 light to their surrounding area. If you stand near one you get a temporary health regeneration buff. But don't stand too close or you will get burned.

To craft these magnificent beauties you simply need four (4) Oak Logs (oak logs are the only types that currently work with the recipe). Just place them in the top, bottom, left and right boxes in a diamond shape.


  • No, these will not hurt anything other than players (for now)
  • No, you can't throw your items in it as a trash can (yet)
Enjoy! ^_^
For our very first build contest we're going to keep things simple because we understand everyone is just starting out and resources are still pretty scarce. With that said, let's jump right into the details:

This contest is to build us a spawn platform (not a building/room). This platform should be an open area and only host a proper area for players to teleport to or join the server at.

Size requirements: Since we are putting spawn in the vanilla village there is a space requirement. 20x20 is the maximum size your build can take up. Anything bigger will not fit and will disqualify your entry from the contest. As for depth and height limit, keep it sane. This is a vanilla village that is being taken over for player shops, so we don't want players spawning in at Y 0 or 255, etc. You depth and height should match that of the vanilla village and any player shops that pop up around it.

The platform MUST be able to be left at any angle (360 degrees of freedom). No forced one way exits or guided paths, etc.

If you want to include the crates and key upgrade shops in your build, you may do so if you want (it is not required). If you do chose to, just place chests and signs with text of what they are and I will set them up if you win the contest.

Overall theme is open, but keep in mind this is a vanilla village we are in. The best looking build and fits in the best is going to be our winner. We may have more contests in the future for rebuilds of spawn as the city changes over time (TBD).

How to enter the contest: Make sure you claim your build (all of it) so it doesn't get griefed. Then reply to this thread with the coordinates to your build. Other player can help you with the build, or you may do it alone. Only the claim owner of the build will receive the contest prizes. It will be up to them to spread the reward to any helpers as they see fit.

Winner will be picked on Saturday, June 24th by BillyGalbreath. Judging will start on Saturday, June 24 and...
We're still running a custom Paper build, but it has been updated to the official release of 1.12.

As soon as my PRs to Paper get accepted we will switch back to the official Paper software. Until then we require the custom build for some of our plugins to work correctly.

Be sure you guys update your clients! ^_^

More information regarding this upgrade can be found here: Pl3xCraft is now 1.12 Official \o/

Enjoy! \o/
We are a mature community of all ages, so the rules are pretty simple. These rules extend to all games and all platforms and all communities managed by Pl3x or any Pl3x member.

Rule #1) No toxicity or hate.

That's it.

Punishment policy for breaking the rule is at the discretion of Staff, and can include instant first offence permanent ban. This is a gaming community. It is a privilege to be here with us, not a right.
I've just enabled all subdomains to redirect to the main domain, which removes any type of session issues due to cross/subdomain sessions/scripting.

What does this mean for you? If you accessed the site via www.pl3x.net (or any other subdomain in place of www) you will now be redirected to the main url (no subdomain) and any sessions you had from other subdomains will cease to work and will require a new login.

If you already used the site from the subdomain-less url (pl3x.net) then nothing has changed for you.
We're now fully integrated with some major social media sites. What this means is you can use your login credentials from your favorite social media site to login here all without us ever storing or even seeing your credentials. The three major social media site integrations are with Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

We also have Pl3x page/channel on these social media sites which are all linked at the bottom of the website, but I'll link here as well. Feel free to follow/subscribe to us on these as we will be using them for various things.

Facebook: Pl3x Gaming
Twitter: Pl3x Gaming (@Pl3xGaming) | Twitter
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6sf_C8_oiCS_Ct_KhtH38w

We do not have a Google+ page, only because no one really uses Google+, I dont like that platform at all, and I feel YouTube is enough integration for Google. Notice the ugly channel url for YouTube. If we can get 100 subscribers/followers then we can set a custom, prettier url there. \o/

Enjoy! ^_^
That's right, Pl3x is back and has some exciting things in store for you guys, gals, and attack helicopters! \o/

We're going to kick things off with a new Minecraft server with a new gamemode actively in the works by staff and players that will mix up both PvP and PvE to get the best of both worlds. There are a lot of details about the big project, way too much to post here in a thread. So if you feel you can contribute in any way, come hop on by. Just talk to any staff member in game or on discord to find out more information about the project.

If you aren't interested or unable to contribute you can still join us. We aren't all work no play kinda people, and we do play the game with existing plugins and feature sets that are proven to give some of the best experiences Minecraft has to offer. Except minigames. We're not a minigames type of group, so if that's your thing you may want to go look at Hypixel or Mineplex. Our group is a close-knit friendly community where we work and player together in a fun and drama-free environment. If this sounds like something right up your alley, then come on and join us!

We have a public discord guild. You can join by using this invite link.

More information will become available as things become available.